Eloise Klein Healy

from The Islands Project: Poems For Sappho

Various poems (external link)

from the Artemis in Echo Park CD (see right)

"Moon on the Porch"
"Artemis in Echo Park"
"From Los Angeles Looking South"


For the Love of Poetry (external link)
Between the Sheets (external link)
on The Moe Green Poetry Hour (external link)


from A Wild Surmise (forthcoming in 2013)

This innovative collection features QR codes with links to recordings of Eloise reading her poems. Those recordings are also available below.

"The Poet at 7:00 pm"
"Because I Was a Girl, for Christ's Sake"
"The Valley of the Amazons"
"Artemis in Echo Park"
"Asking About You"
"Where I Come From"
"This Darknight Speed"
"Oh My Emotions These Days"
"Eschua, Mi Vida"
"The Grackle on the Lawn"
"Intro to Women's Studies"
"So the Teacher Jumped Up on the Desk"
"Los Angeles"
"Latin from the Mass"
"Not Disappearing"
"Sappho, You Must Have Had a Mother"
"Selling My Mother's House"
"The Singing School"
"Standing Up, Looking In"
"The Test"
"This Art, Your Life"
"Calling Upon the Saints Including Titanium"
"Up To Topanga"
"To Speak for Human Feelings"
"True Love"
"Since You Asked"

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